A downloadable candy stealing game for Windows

You had just learned what Halloween is. With your new knowledge, you decide to partake and have fun with this seemingly new and exciting holiday by giving kids candy! Except you forgot to buy candy... So what do you do?

Goal: To hog as many candy as you can by taking candy from kids, with the option to give other kids those candies. Your score is based on how many candies you have in your bowl by the end of the night.

This game was made in under 72 hours for Ludum Dare 45, a game jam where developers make a game over a weekend around a given theme: "Start With Nothing".

Version 1.1 is the most recent version (and post LD45) with bug fixes and better features: Not only can you close the door on kids, but you can now give them the candies they deserve.

Left Click: Take, give, or drag candies
Right Click: Opens/Closes the door & moves bowl to catch candy

Esc: Pauses game

You can't be caught by the police if the door is closed, and giving candy to kids resets your suspicion level (slows down the speed of the police car and lessens its random factors).

Programmer: Lexyvil

Artist: Nene

Voice: Capris

Made in C# with Monogame framework.

Install instructions

Extract the compressed file, and run the application file in the main folder.


What Is Halloween v1.1.rar 9 MB

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